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About the Society & Contacts

Aims of the Society

  • To bring together those with an interest in the Inn & Pub Sign in general
  • To provide a means of exchanging information about these signs
  • To encourage research into, the 'Inn Sign' and all its many facets
  • To make a record of as many of these signs as possible
  • To research the origins of the many names given to inns
  • To establish archives, both written and pictorial, accessible to members
  • To record the sign artists, their sources and their material
The Society has a membership of around 300, with the majority resident in the U.K., and with members in France, Germany, Norway, Australia and the USA. Membership is open to all those interested in discovering information about inn signs and pub names - collectively referred to as inn-signia.

Before joining the Society most members thought themselves to be alone in their interesting hobby. Only when they did join came the realisation that many others shared their passion.

A particularly enjoyable aspect of inn-signia is the innumerable choice of topics in which members can specialise if they so wish. Others prefer to collect signs of a county, or relating to a specific brewery.

Contact Us

Please note the Inn Sign Society is an organisation run solely by its members. We will do our best to respond to your email as promptly as possible.

Membership Enquiries

Contact the Membership Secretary for any enquiries regarding membership - or for Members to notify changes of address or contact details.

Comments & General Enquiries

We welcome visitors' comments, especially ones that are constructive!
If you have a specific question concerning any aspect of the ISS, please check the list of FAQ's which may answer your query.
Otherwise, email the Secretary.

Media Enquiries & ISS Archives

The Inn Sign Society is recognised as the leading authority with acknowledged expertise on the subject of inn signs and pub names. The Society is regularly consulted by local historians, sign artists, breweries and the media, requiring information or clarification on the origin of inn signs or names.

We are always pleased to help the media and all groups research these origins, however we reserve the right to charge for our services especially if required at short notice. We prefer the enquirer make a donation according to their estimation of the worth of our contribution.

In all cases, we respectfully ask that proper acknowledgment of source of material be accredited to the Inn Sign Society.

Archive Database - Access by Non-members

The Society's archives are a valuable source of reference to members and outside agencies. Work continues indexing all pictorial inn signs submitted to us.

The latest update can be downloaded by all FREE - view in Adobe PDF, by clicking here (Large file over 30k entries - be patient!).

Please note that we reserve the right to charge for our services. Should you require any photographic material from our archives, or have any other media enquiries:
Please email the Secretary.


If you wish to send us details of your society for inclusion on our links page, please note the conditions stated thereon.

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